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about bright eyes

Hi, my name is Sarah Hurst and I am currently living

in Balham, South West London.


Having worked with many children in a variety of settings, I understand that any type of behaviour is communication. It can be difficult as a parent to know what a specific behaviour means and how to deal with it. My aim is to work alongside parents and carers to support your children in all aspects of home life. I recognise that children are individuals and have specific learning, behavioural and emotional needs.


There are many factors that contribute to displays of challenging behaviour at home and that is where I am able to help. A variety of professionals are able to work with children in schools and clinics, but I am able to offer advice and strategies inside the home environment and support you to implement them. I can work with you in your home to support you with anything you wish to achieve with your children.


During our initial FREE consultation, I will come and discuss the concerns you have. I would like to meet your child/children and observe them in their home environment. When I have gathered all the relevant information I will be able to discuss the best course of action and suggest the most appropriate input for your family.


Once a suitable involvement has been chosen, I will make regular appointments at a time that is convenient for you. The length and regularity of the appointments will depend on the severity of concern and the identified need is agreed between us.


I will provide you with strategies and resources to support your family at home. I will discuss how they will support you and your child to improve areas of concern. I will then work with you and alongside you to implement them and ensure that they are successful.


As a teacher I can also give you advice on bridging the gap between home and school, discuss any concerns in school and how to problem solve with you. All children have different starting points, personalities and needs. Positive reinforcement of rules and an emphasis on praise is always key. Our work together will build on your child’s strengths and their interests to promote a calm and positive ethos within the home. I will always endeavour to answer any questions you have, for example, concerns or new challenges you are facing. At the end of our sessions you will have the confidence, strategies and resources to ensure that behaviours are managed positively, needs are met, children are happy and so are you.








about ME

I began my career by studying for an HND in Early Childhood Studies. This gave me good knowledge of child development and I was fortunate enough to be placed in two different primary schools.


I worked in a reception class focussing on a little girl who had global learning delays before onto another placement working with a year 3 child who had autism as well as a year 6 boy who had social, emotional and behavioural difficulties. This experience gave me the passion to continue my studies into child development and I completed a BA Hons in Early Childhood Studies at the University of Bath. During the course, I studied the psychologies and theories of child development.


Having achieved my degree, I worked as a nanny for two families during one year. One family had a girl aged 3 and a boy aged 6 and the other a boy aged 15 months. This enabled me to begin to understand the difference between children’s behaviour at home and at school. I was able to empathise with the challenges facing parents’ home including behaviour, routines, learning, eating and bedtimes. All equally wonderful, challenging and at times frustrating!


I then went on to complete a PGCE in Early Childhood Education. This was, by far, the toughest and most intense year of my life. During this year I studied theories of education, learned the curriculum and taught in a Nursery and Year 2 class. It was during this year that I consolidated my learning in teaching and progression in learning.


Since graduating as a teacher, I have taught in reception classes for 6 years. During these years I worked with children from all backgrounds and circumstances who had different learning styles, special needs and personalities. My particular area of interest were the children who needed additional support, presented with challenging behaviour or children with various special educational needs.


After 6 years of teaching I decided to take my career down a slightly different path and received an offer to teach at a special school for children with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties. This is an extremely challenging but most rewarding role. During the last two years I have been able to work with children with speech and language difficulties, Autism, ADHD, learning delay, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Attachment Disorder and Children Looked After, among many other complex needs. My role is to tailor the children’s learning to suit their needs, manage very challenging behaviour and provide a nurturing and inclusive environment.


Throughout my career so far, I have always continued to enjoy nannying part time alongside teaching. This enables me to bridge the gap between home and school and understand children in both settings.


Sarah's help has been life changing and we can't thank her enough! Our 3 year old son has severely delayed speech and autistic traits and we have been struggling to find a way to communicate with him. Most days were just non stop tantrums and most days we would be at our wits end. Pre school were struggling to cope with Oscars behaviour and NHS speech therapy had not worked either.


Sarah came and spent a few days with us and provided us with strategies and vocabulary to help us communicate with Oscar easier. This included a prompt chart and a now and next board. Oscar was getting so frustrated trying to communicate and now he can find it easier by picking pictures off his chart and with our new vocabulary Oscar is picking up words easier.


Sarah has a wealth of knowledge and a calm but firm manor and a great affinity and understanding of children. Sarah has given us so much confidence, provided us with ongoing support and we as a family are finally moving forwards. We can't thank her enough. If you, like us have been struggling with your child's behaviour in any way get in touch with Sarah, she's amazing!!


Lucy and Chris, Kent

 I have known Sarah for over 20 years and would describe her as approachable and friendly yet firm and consistent – the ideal combination when you, as a parent, are feeling vulnerable.


Sarah worked at Links Education Support Centre as part of our outreach team on a temporary basis during her teacher training.  I was particularly impressed with her behaviour management skills, including working with children who experienced Special Educational Needs, Autism Spectrum Disorders and Emotional/Behavioural Difficulties as well as her interactions with the parents and teachers involved with the child.


Sarah has a natural ability and affinity with children. She has developed a wealth of experience through her work as a nanny, teacher in mainstream schools and finally as a teacher in a specialist behaviour school.  Sarah has excellent observation and communication skills and she can rapidly identify and target the triggers for unacceptable behaviour. Children recognise that Sarah enjoys working with them; they respond to her warmth, consistency and the clear boundaries that she puts in place. Sarah is experienced in leading a team and will work with you as part of a team to identify how changes can be made to redirect behaviour.  I firmly believe that you will be making the right choice calling on her expertise.


Cherrie Demain , Deputy Head Teacher, Links Educational Support Centre (retired)

Sarah came to Nanny for us in the summer of 2014. Her confidence and natural ability with children was clear from the start and our two boys aged 9 and 7, and our daughter aged 4 responded to her straight away.


Sarah comes to our home on a regular basis at different times during the day/week. She follows the routines of our family whilst offering a structured and fun experience for them.


The children always look forward to seeing Sarah. They enjoy playing, reading and completing their homework with her. The whole family have a great relationship with her.  Sarah has always been very capable with the children, encouraging them to eat, go to bed, get dressed etc without any problems! Sarah has proven to be trustworthy and thoroughly reliable and I would not hesitate to recommend her.


Sophie and Wayne Thornhill, Balham

I can’t thank Sarah enough for the advice she has given me. Sarah has introduced lots of new activities for me to enjoy with my little boy.


I was concerned about his speech development and needed support in how to help him with this. After working with Sarah, he is now communicating much more and we are enjoying playing and learning at the same time.


I had also been struggling with a bedtime routine for my 2-year-old and was finding it difficult to get him to sleep in his own room. Sarah has helped me find a structured routine and coping mechanisms. This has allowed my husband and I to get our evenings back!


Kerri Sinclair, Surrey


types of support


Initial consultation is free


The programme will be tailored to the individual needs of the child or children. The basic hourly rate is £45.  There will also be a small charge for creating and purchasing resources. This would all be discussed and agreed during the initial consultation.


To give you a rough idea on the time spent on specific difficulties:



1hour x5 sessions + revisits if necessary

Resources may be needed



The first 2-3 sessions in bedtime routine may vary and need longer.

X5 sessions + revisits if necessary

Rewards and Sanctions

Will be incorporated into the session for all areas + resources


Morning Routines

1hr x 5 sessions +revisits if necessary

Resources may be needed



Shopping – 1hr x 3 sessions

Playground – 1hr x 5 sessions

Resources may be needed


Social Skills

1hr x5-10 sessions + resources and revisits

 if necessary


Introduction into understanding development

1x1hr session +revisits and resources if necessary

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